About Us


Our logo, a house shape, represents the foundation of comfort and stability that our furniture provides to create a welcoming and warm living space for you and your loved ones.


Realize Your Dream Design

Audson Design takes pride in offering our own designed products as well as from our parent company, PT. Capricorn Design, a furniture company that has been manufacturing in-house since 2002.

Our story began in 2020, when the ambitious Ripoll brothers recognized Indonesia’s incredible potential to showcase to the world the best it can produce with its rich heritage of craftsmanship and the limitless possibilities of its natural materials. With the determination to realize this potential, Audson Design was established in 2023 with the commitment to creating furniture within Indonesia that taps into the country’s craftsmanship, sourcing only locally the finest materials available.

We are firm believers that furniture should be more than just functional items, we treat every furniture piece as a work of art worthy of respect, as every item has the potential to bring joy and beauty to everyday life, as such the craftsmanship we employ draws from the decades of experience gathered by our parent company, Capricorn Design, where we give great attention and care in designing every furniture piece to ensure that they all embody the qualities that allow them to not only be beautiful, but to be perfectly functional with the durability to withstand the test of time.

Audson Design takes that experience further, where we endeavor to not only offer a wide variety of designs that are both timeless and versatile, but to also adapt to our ever evolving world and explore the future of furniture design. A part of this forward outlook is recognizing our responsibility to nature, therefore we source our materials from sustainable sources to ensure we are a positive force on the environment.

Whether you are looking to furnish your home or office, Audson Design offers furniture pieces made to fit seamlessly in many different environments, with each having the aim of enhancing the aesthetic experience of your space.

Mission and values

Our mission is to revolutionise the world of furniture and interiors, creating unique designs that put sustainability first and foremost.

Our values are rooted in: